Our Law Firm is experienced in handling residential real estate closings for both buyers and sellers of one or two family homes.

In most cases the professional fee for handling the sale of your one family home is $600 and of a two-family home is $1,000. This fee covers the following services:

  • Review of the Contract of Sale with to make sure you understand the terms of the Contract of Sale of your home.
  • Discussions with the attorney for the Buyer to take the Contract out of Attorney review.
  • Preparation of the closings documents the Seller must bring to the closing table after the Buyer has obtained their mortgage commitment.
  • Communication between us and the Buyer’s attorney to set the actual date and time for the closing.
  • Review of the closing figures prepared by the Buyer’s Attorney or Buyers settlement agent so you receive the correct amount from the Buyer at the closings table when you convey your property to the Buyer.

The fee for representing you as a Buyer of a one or two family house is $900 and $1,200 respectively. The fixed fee prices are based on a typical purchase and sale, and do not include unusual problems which may require extensive time to be spent by our firm. Those additional fees will be immediately brought to your attention.

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