Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

When you file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in NJ, you can liquidate and even eliminate debt! Your debt may be discharged quickly if you are an individual or sole business proprietor that qualifies for this service. You can take care of credit card debt, personal loan debt, debt from medical bills, and reset your access to utility accounts.

Services Offered for Representation in Bankruptcy Filing of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  • Free initial consultation (15-30 minutes) to determine your eligibility for filing Bankruptcy
  • Upon retaining our office, a letter of our representation will be sent your creditors to direct all calls to our office and stopping further communications to you
  • Attendance at a 341-meeting based on existing protocol that does not require actual travel to a physical site (i.e., courthouse or trustee office)
  • Immediate stay of any court proceeding or judicial enforcement of any debt judgment.
  • First Credit counseling arranged for you to complete as required
  • Access to your own portal for input of relevant information into your petition
  • Review of your petition before signing for filing
  • Digitalized filing of your Bankruptcy petition with the Court
  • Appearance at creditor meeting for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Residential Real Estate. With specialized expertise in the practice of Bankruptcy Law in New Jersey, Robert Wachtel will assist you in a process that will free you from the prison of credit card debt and give you a fresh start on your road to financial freedom.
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Legal disclaimer: This web site has been prepared by the Law Offices of Robert Wachtel in the hope that it will assist you in becoming debt free through the Bankruptcy process. It gives information of a general nature and is not a substitute for competent legal advise. The viewer is advised to consult an attorney-at-law for legal advise as to his / her specific situation.

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